Keyword Research is DEAD – Do This Instead (and get more traffic!)

Keyword research is a thing of the past. And you need to stop thinking about keywords and specific search phrases when planning content for your website or blog.

Google is getting smarter and so should you!

It’s time to evolve and stop focusing on specific words, phrases, synonyms, and instead, shift toward TOPICS.

When you nail this and really understand how to do topics research instead of keywords research you will get much more traffic to your site and you will earn more money with your website.

I teach you why it is so and how you can change your mindset from focusing on keywords to focusing on topics. It’s not that hard when you know how to approach it. But you need to let go of the control you think you have when using complicated (and expensive!) keyword tools.

53 thoughts on “Keyword Research is DEAD – Do This Instead (and get more traffic!)

  1. These days I use very few images on my articles apart from main image, recently I discovered that ezoic AI displays more ads on articles without images compare to those with images, i figured more images with ads will ruined user experience, but so far this has never affected my ranking.

    1. I go for few images to allow for more ads… just watch that they don’t go overboard – there’s no real rules, just used common sense 😉

  2. Another informative video bro. Thanks. I also do this for my new site and it does well. I will share with you the result in the future if you want. Thanks again.

    1. I haven’t found images and video to really impact the ability to rank. If you’re going for topics with little to no competition it matters very little. At best it can keep people a little longer on the page which can be a good thing. And if the graphics are important obviously they matter. But just adding “nice pictures” will not make you rank better. Just make sure to break up the text and format it well so it’s interesting and engaging.

  3. Do you have a video on finding underserved topics? It seems every niche I look into has insane DA websites ranking (especially now that its topic-specific)

  4. Thanks for this video 🙂 i have a little query . If a topic is informative like “how to decrease mobile game loading time “ in this case there is no purchase intention people can solve the issue by changing some settings in their phone.
    My question is will people click on ads, If their is no purchase intention ?

    1. You don’t need them to click on the ads. They should just be shown, that’s what so awesome about ads!

  5. can you do a case study of one of your niche sites? e.g. monthly updates or helpful insights

    how did you find the images (copyright free) for your site?

    great vid! Thank you

  6. You are absolutely right, I noticed this in my search Console my website ranked for tons of keywords that my articles was not even about. Brief quality content is the key. Thanks

    1. Google is probably just testing what the article is about. That’s why it takes 5-10 months to rank well!

    2. @Gintaras I AM Morten is right, keyword research does not matter now, when you write a good article you could rank for some other keywords that are closed to the topic because Google finds it relevant or closed, I hope you got the idea.

    3. @Gintaras I AM I don’t know why this happened i just wrote about a topic: “teaching your child to become more responsible” some where in my article I mentioned a word “happy children” that keyword was not my focus and the whole article does not talk about raising happy children. But somehow that keyword was part of many keywords my article is ranking for…That’s what I mean.

  7. Great updates and info you are sharing sir. I am a new blogger from India and I am following your videos. Thank you, it’s been very helpful. I want to know if a topic has low volume that means search for them are limited. Then how come it’s good to write about that topics? Thanks.

    1. It’s impossible to know the search volume for the topics. You’ll have to take your best guess. But when you use my method here you typically find topics with good volume:

  8. You are talking about very important topic and I understand your idea 💡 but little bit confuse about how to find undersurf topics ? 🤔

    1. Around $600 per month, but I should do some work on it really! But It’s alright for one month of work 😀

  9. Hi Morten, just on the subject of your niche ideas list, may I ask to what point you have investigated these niches?

    1. I haven’t investigated them, you’ll have to check the competition. These are just ideas I think could work, given the competition is not too high.

  10. Very smart advice, works great for my site. It is still not big, but ranking for thousands of search phrases already. Love your content, as you talk about experience and practical advice, not 100% optimized marketing blabla to sell a course (not yet? we will see 😉)

  11. Let’s say I want to write an article based on a certain search term/topic. Let’s also say after researching i see several other places would rank better for and have bigger authority in the field, but I still want to create it, as I consider the subject related to the search term to be very relevant in that field. If I publish it, even though I know it would not bring me straight visits from clicks, would it increase the overall value of the site, in terms of Google realizing that I am informative in a relevant topic, or if I don’t beat other sites, the article means no much to Google in terms of value?

    (hopefully I made myself clear 🙂 )

  12. Still loving your advice, thank you. You have mentioned having a VPN in the past so that we can get genuine clean searches. Are you familiar with Norton 360 which has a “secure VPN”? I have it but wondered if that would be sufficient to do these searches (i am in the UK so want to be non-country specific perhaps?)
    Thank you!!

    1. @Catherine Marriott Hi Catherine, just select the country among the given for eg. US and if it shows you connected , check it on google by searching ” what is my ip” , click on the first link and it will show you your new ip with that particular country you selected. 🙂

    2. Passive Income Geek eek, how do I know / check if it gives me a US location? Sorry I have no idea how to test that. 😬

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