Keyword Research for SEO (2020 Tutorial)

Here’s how to do Keyword Research for SEO – I get 2,000 – 4,000 daily visitors using these methods. Watch this keyword research tutorial which works great in 2020 and get great Google rankings even with a newbie site.

If you want to get free Google traffic, you need to watch this Google keyword research tutorial.

I am going to show you some keyword research tips that I have personally currently use to get over 2,000 visitors a day to just one of my blogs which I’m showing in this video.


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In order to get organic SEO traffic, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Generate a list of keywords

We start out with a large list of keywords. In this video, I am showing how to find great keywords on a massive scale, using two different methods.

The first way is to use “seed keywords”. You can take names of islands, brands, products, colors, or anything else that’s relevant to your niche, and then add it to your keyword tool which will produce massive lists of keywords. You can use this method in any niche.

The second way to get lists of keywords during your keyword research is to use a “reverse-engineering” method which I am also showing in this tutorial.

Step 2: Analyse your keywords

Once you’ve got a list of keywords, the next step is to analyze those keywords for their SEO potential.

I am showing how to find great, untapped keywords that can bring you Google traffic, including the exact statistics you need to pay attention to – such as keyword difficulty, domain authority, etc.

Step 3: Get the traffic

Lastly, I am showing what to do next. Once you’ve found great Google keywords, you can start creating the content and actually getting the traffic.

Enjoy the video!


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(The Caffeinated Blogger)

49 thoughts on “Keyword Research for SEO (2020 Tutorial)

  1. Did you like this video? If you did, then please Comment below, and hit the Like button – that really helps me reach more viewers. Thanks as always!!

    1. @Caffeinated Blogger I’ve heard from numerous sources that the KD on Ahrefs isn’t very reliable. What are your thoughts on this as you seem to be very keen on it in your videos.

    2. Hi,
      If someone is getting around 50-100k visitors per month than is it necessary for the visitor to click on ads so we can earn money or we simply earn small amount of money when they just land on our blog and our ads load in front of them.

  2. The old methods of keyword research confuse and mislead.
    The main reason is that people change their preferences during the outbreak.
    We’re staying at home, many of us lost their jobs.
    It’s essential to reconsider all data with Google Trends where you can analyze the real data.
    It doesn’t concern everything.
    However, some topics that are related to traveling, restaurants lost their traffic.
    It doesn’t mean – they have no traffic.
    People change some directions of searching.
    For example, people search more for traveling insurance and train traveling than common traveling.
    Food delivery gets a lot more traffic than restaurants.

    1. How about outsourcing on Fiverr? I’m a content writer on the platform and I’m sure you can get lot’s of talented writers in there.


  3. thank you for the great video, can you please give more insights on outsourcing the writing of the articles? and thank you again!

  4. Thank you for this easy to understand step by step video! I am a brand new blogger so this helps guide me in the right direction.

  5. Hey Greg, I want to start blog and make money from it which one of your youtube video do recommend. Thanks looking forward for your reply.

    1. Hey, there is no traffic requirment for Adsense. I would recommend you to write more than 25 posts of length more than 2000 words to get qualified for Adsense. You can contact me for detailed instructions. Do you want to contact me ???

  6. From the keyword research you did, will you take the long tail keywords while writing your article in the exact same way as reported by Ahrefs? (regardless if doesn’t sound good grammatically)

    1. @Caffeinated Blogger thanks for the answer. I would do same as you, but then keyword search tools doesn’t make sense :). Because, what we aim for using these tools is to find “low hanging fruit” possibilities or “longtail keywords” with small score and potentially a good CPC, however this is a bit confusing.

    2. Hi Milan, good detailed question, and usually I will change them to be grammatically correct. Google knows that “dog training teach sit drop command” is roughly the same as “teach your dog sit and drop commands”.

  7. Hi Greg, I followed Group-board traffic guides but Pinterest blocked my account and they mentioned that its spam which it was totally legal, did you face same issue ?

  8. Hi Greg, love all your videos, they have been extremely useful, but in this one I didnt catch the name of the tool for researching keywords, can you please write it down here please? Thanks!

  9. Thanks, Greg, very good information. I am just getting started in this world of internet marketing. I will check out more of your videos.

  10. Hey Greg Are You Planning To Give Any Discount On Niche Profits Durin These Days Due To Covid-19

    1. @Caffeinated Blogger Okay Greg Actually I was thinking to enroll in, But I thought you’ll give some discount so I was waiting 😂

    2. Hi Piyush, thanks for getting in touch, there is still a 35% discount on at the moment. My course includes mentorship and I spend a fair amount of time each day helping members, so it’s just not possible to lower it any further

  11. Thanks, sir, Are you can use for this methods SEO for YouTube videos and Find for search YouTube Keywords? make a video sir YouTube Seo Full tutorial video.

    1. Hi – thanks for watching. I recommend to get a $7 trial for 7 days, focus, and do all your research for the upcoming 1-2-3 months in those 7 days. Then export your research. And cancel the trial (if you have to). There’s no alternative to Ahrefs that I’m aware of. It’s the best and most accurate tool and it’s the industry standard.
      If you must use a free tool, you can use any free tool, they’re all equally ok. Wordtracker, KeywordShi**er, Ubersuggest, etc

  12. back in 2018 i had a website with one page in a very difficult niche, after a year i stopped the vps and deleted the website after 2-3 month i was shocked when i knew that i was on google 1st page and i didnt know that 🙁

  13. Hey, it is a lovely video and I like the way how you are teach and show keyword research in a practical way no theories no fluffy stuff. Keep it up

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