How To Make A WordPress Website | Fast & Easy

Making a website these days is so easy! Through this video, I show you how to create an amazing website for your business (or organization, church, for fun) using the best free tools out there! In the time that you can watch a good movie, I show you how to create a website!

Overview of the video with timestamps:
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:15 Overview of the tutorial
00:02:16 For who is this tutorial

00:02:55 Get webhosting00:04:24 Get your domain
00:07:26 Install WordPress

00:09:05 The front end and the backend
00:10:12 Clean up the website
00:11:13 Create beautiful URLs using permalinks
00:11:47 Change your username and password
00:13:21 Change the name of your website
00:14:51 Make your website secure using httpS
00:16:03 Create pages
00:19:35 Create a menu
00:23:35 Assign your homepage

WordPress Themes
00:24:20 Introduction to WordPress themes
00:25:30 Get the free Astra theme
00:26:54 Get Elementor
00:27:38 Remove unused Themes

Configure your theme
00:28:08 Upload a logo
00:30:45 Download the images I use in the tutorial
00:32:09 Optimise your menu for smartphones
00:33:09 Configure the header
00:35:39 Configure the container of your website

The Elementor Page Builder
00:38:31 Introduction to Elementor
00:45:04 Use editing handles
00:47:01 Create a hero from scratch
00:50:14 Add a video in the background
00:55:24 Add a call to action button
00:58:55 Blending Modes

Pre Made Templates
00:59:53 Get free pre made templates
01:03:47 Adjust the pre made template
01:04:09 Change the Color Picker colors
01:04:53 Copy and paste styles between elements

Free Envato Elements
01:09:55 Download the Envato Elements plugin
01:14:05 Import a pre made layout
01:13:33 Import your template
01:14:50 Get back your menu and footer

01:23:58 Install Contact Form 7
01:26:37 Import free images and optimise them in WordPress
01:29:37 Get extra Elementor add ons
01:38:09 Footer Widgets
01:43:14 Add the recent Post with thumbnails plugin

Responsive Design
01:44:57 Optimise your website for all devices
01:46:52 Configure your mobile look

Wrapping it up
01:55:20 Overview of what we have made
01:57:36 Search Engine Optimization
01:58:01 WooCommerce
01:58:22 Get More Clients
01:58:40 Mailchimp and Convertkit

Important links:
Get a domain and webhosting:
Example website:
Example images:

36 thoughts on “How To Make A WordPress Website | Fast & Easy

  1. At new version of Elementor there is no option to make editing handles visible ? ( as it was explained at 00:45:04 Use editing handles )

  2. Great vid! Exactly the info that I was looking for. Thank you.

    I’m having trouble finding a way to manage my wordpress site via mobile. Seems like there are two different wordpress logins? Anyone to share ways that they manage their site via app?

    More directly, I’m looking to blog on the go and load directly to my site.

  3. Ferdy, Thanks for This Excellent Video and this is one of the Awesome Tutorials about Elementors customization! God Bless you.

  4. Hey Ferdy, after being with Bluehost for years, they screwed me over with a failed hosting plan upgrade which destroyed all my websites. After nearly a week, they weren’t able to get me back up again so I have now switched to SiteGround and am rebuilding my websites from scratch again. Thanks for all your help!

  5. Ferdy, people don’t “seem” to love your tutorials, they actually do love your tutorials ! God bless you for your nice dedication.

  6. I’m watching all of your videos. Great stuff! That said, I still don’t know how to make templates to put on my home page in order to show posts from specific categories. I am creating an Amazon Product review site, and oule like to have three or four sections on the home page to show a row with 4 cards each for Baby products, Cameras, supplements, and Fashion. I’ve tried everything I can think of but find now way of telling the cards to draw from a particular category.

  7. You are awesome. You are brilliant. Very well explained. But I am struggling still to launch the site. Bluehost, Astra and elementor I am using. I have sent a mail to you. May you long live. God bless you.

  8. Hello Sir, In this Tutorial I wont be able to understand the Header setting option in elementor. How 2 header can be marge ?

  9. Sir different logo for mobile not working “when i add blue logo for mobile experience it can become for all 3 devices i spent 1 hour try to fix but fail then i delete blue one from mobile device”

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