COMPLETE Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2020 – How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store From Scratch

A step by step guide, A to Z, on how to create a profitable Shopify dropshipping store from scratch in 2019 and 2020. In this video, you will learn everything you need to know to create a successful store.

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I’ll be showing you how to create a profitable Shopify dropshipping store the right way in 2019 – without using oberlo and aliexpress.

Instead, I’ll be showing you the branded dropshipping method – which is a strategy that I created and have personally used to build Shopify stores to 8 figures per year (10 million/year+)

I created this long tutorial (2 hours+) because I wanted to give you every single possible step that you need to know, and all the information that you need as a beginner to start a successful online business with Shopify – and build a worldwide store and brand.

I was frustrated with all the useless courses teaching to copy paste from Aliexpress using Oberlo – that is setting you up for failure and is not the right way to build a worldwide brand.

I recommend you follow along, and take action along the way as I go through the video.

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0:00 Introduction to dropshipping, how it works, as well as the best winning strategy to follow – branded dropshipping.

4:52 Common questions with dropshipping and Shopify answered – as well as intro things you need to know.

7:33 Product Research – how to find the most profitable products and the best strategies to follow.

11:52 List of the best, most profitable dropshipping niches.

25:05 Finding high quality and reliable suppliers, as well as FREE supplier template.

37:01 How to create your own online store using Shopify, picking and installing your theme, initial design and setup, settings, etc.

1:00:00 The absolute best apps to use for your store.

1:30:35 Email Marketing and how to set it up with abandon cart email sequences.

1:44:22 How to run profitable Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads + Google PPC to your store.

2:02:34 Influencer marketing and choosing the best influencers for success.

2:08:48 Final tips for long term success.


I will respond to every single comment on this video, so feel free to ask me any questions that you have with Shopify, running ads, setting up your store, picking products – I’m here to help!

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79 thoughts on “COMPLETE Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2020 – How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store From Scratch

  1. Subscribe + Thank you for watching!

    Make sure to COMMENT below – I will be responding to EVERY SINGLE comment on this video to make sure that I can help.

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    1. Ty for this video, but that is a lie. you are not responding to every single comment asking for help. I cant blame you (this vid has 3.8mil views) , but still

    2. WOW thats a lot of words you speak its a bit overwhelming but my desire is huge and i have no doubt of success but ill just have to watch your video 100+ times, i cant start doing anything until i have a complete understanding of every single detail that you mentioned, and you had a zillion words explaining this..i wonder if you were ever as confused and overwhelmed as im feeling. you obviously know all the steps required and are offering free knowledge which tells me you are a kind person. You would have to be a kind AND a patient person if you were sitting here showing me all this. if only…but since i cant snap my fingers, or warp you here, ill give it hell with how you are explaining it. i certainly have determination and i will succeed beyond how i can even imagine thank you, wish me luck

    1. @Matt he brings up alibaba and ali express because it’s the easiest way to sell inventory without having to have that that inventory shipped to your location. They help with packaging and branding.

    1. *MyOnlineSelling. Com* was one of the first expenses I made for my new business and it turned out to be a good decision. Canadian dropshipping is not as big as I hoped but with suggestions and reliable information, this site pointed me in the right direction to success.

    2. I bought a dropshipping course like 4 days ago and I went through the whole thing already but haven’t started my store or anything yet, and today I just randomly searched on YouTube how to make a dropshipping store and I feel like everything that’s in the course so far he has covered for free although there are some things the course has that’s this tutorial didn’t have and also some things that this video has the course doesn’t (which is crazy as I bought the course and this is free). To be honest I only bought a course because I honestly thought no one would teach this for free. Plus I feel like if I did come across this video I probably would’ve still thought that courses have a lot more to offer with perks which is actually why I have never searched how to for free before. If only I searched this up a lot earlier and actually gave it a go it might have worked and I would’ve saved £180 from not buying a course, although the course is not bad but I haven’t done everything in it but gone over it at and watched everything first. I’m actually quite annoyed at the fact that I bought a course but I’m pretty sure it will still work plus I’ve been sceptical about buying courses for about 2 years, but when I finally did I search this and see very very similar content/tutorial.
      Sorry for how long this is but I had to get this out.

    3. It does mean that the overall niche becomes for competitive and increase expenses, also causes new rules and regulations to be processed ( mostly coz of incompetent, greedy and scammy natured people). But it won’t ever kill the niche, just will require more creativity .

  2. How do people like you actually exist? In such a cynical world to see someone giving tips and a full course for free just because you want other people to share in what’s made you a success! Beautiful mentality and way too rare these days. This is what our world needs instead of envy and selfishness. Thank you and may God give back to you by the hundredfold. 🙏🏽

    1. @Humi Shah Free channels? If you mean yt channels they ARE FREE. So IDK what yo mean. Information about business dealings being sold is always dubious. If making millions was so easy why are they getting a few cents per view from ad sense or whatever? Why not take their own advice. That said, a few things that they recommend are useful if you have no clue about marketing etc.

    2. Seriously I dont know why something has to be free to have value. Its not free the guy makes revenue commission etc. And that’s OK. The thing is that these people often don’t realise that some low-income people actually believe the things they say. Spend their last cash and expect to make a living. Then they crash and their families suffer. The truth is this. Selling “things” is never going to work. Finding a niche is never going to work. You need to have a real burning interest in what you are offering. You would be better off selling your OWN things. One to One. At a market in your area. Or WhatsApp groups. Facebook markets have been amazing for me. No 200 dollars, no some extra cash spiel, no poor people risking their income for some pipe dream. FOCUS on you product get it advertised in the FREE channels I listed above, and IF people are interested THEN think of investing in all this internet marketing bla bla bla. If this guy was for real, instead of trying to get you to click on his marketing links, he would have told you what I just did. Which is the honest truth, don’t risk your last, before you have gauged the public response. People, Places, Product, Price, Promotion. The five p’s of marketing. You first gauge those things in that order. Fast-talking and telling people they are failures if they don’t want to throw money at this without investigation, that’s not being real.

  3. 90 Day free trial on shopify is huge for anyone reading and wanting to start. Noticed it when I did my intro and walkthrough videos also. Great work Dan

    1. *MyOnlineSelling. Com* was one of the first expenses I made for my new business and it turned out to be a good decision. Canadian dropshipping is not as big as I hoped but with suggestions and reliable information, this site pointed me in the right direction to success.

    2. So far I am very happy with *MyOnlineSelling. Com* The suppliers list is impressive! It helps big time that they have already checked them out so I can contact them with confidence. Also, I am a beginner and have lots of questions and I can honestly say the salehoo support team is super helpful – good vibes. And that’s my 2 cents 🙂

  4. a free tutorial that doesn’t offer “the one secret to your success” but a real step by step instructions to understand shopify, cheers this is worth your time

  5. If i become successful in this. I will do everything possible to do what this video just did for me. Give Free Very Valuable Info. To bless someone out there

  6. Hey, and I’m just wondering: how are you able to test your products with this branded dropshipping strategy? It seems like you’re going all-in on one product from the beginning

  7. 14:24
    “You have to have a very very clear niche in clothing, so for example, maybe clothing, hmmm, for oversized people, that’s OBSVIOUSLY HUGE.”

  8. I just crashed coursed this video yesterday for hours and wrote down almost every main point and followed all steps immediately with my Shopify account and started all the apps. I feel like I’ve absorbed and learned what i could and just took action as fast as I could! did every eaction you said in the video and I’m still treading water grasping the product and branding lol. Such incredible content and information you have put out there!

    1. I’m not sure if the main person on this thread is going to follow through but I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be starting an online store to sell products such as candles and since crystals and all metaphysical things. I will also be offering general products with my store logo and name on it such as shirts coffee mugs and so on. I’m keeping the name of my store disclosed until I buy the trademark. We will be in touch. 🔮💫

    2. did you have a product / products in mind that you wanted to sell beforehand … this is the biggest issue i have … choosing product

  9. Never been more motivated in my entire life. this just looks too good too fail. It’s all about PERSISTANCE guys

    1. @Jeff Hunter that means you’re in the right direction. No ones ever started at the bottom. Don’t give up and you will thank YOURSELF for not giving up. Keep moving forward and working hard, even if it takes 1,2,3 years with no results. You just need one good sale and it will BLOW.

    2. Lol no reply guess he gave up. I’m not surprised I’m pretty much ready to quit too, I’m wasting money each month into hosting, domains, listing fees and paid advertisements but without a single sale. This fucking sucks.

  10. Hi Dan, I have a question. my website (own domain) got a Shopify logo on the left-hand side, and at the bottom right it says powered by Shopify.
    my question is:
    1, how to turn the Shopify logo and powered by Shopify OFF?
    2, I had already set up my business FB account, but I had never received an email to confirm the link, that way I can’t use FB ads. I’ve checked my spam and kept refreshing it but still nothing from FB business. Have you experienced anything like this?
    Thank you Dan

  11. Best vlog so far, just started my journey and found your very educational + 2hrs, thank you. Living in Sweden so I will try to spread to the rest of Europe, must first understand how I find e-logistics for my products….

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  13. If a customer buys something from my store (branded drop shipping not oberlo), do I have to go to Alibaba and buy the item for them or is there a more automatic way to do things?

    And how should I handle returns?

  14. “6:52”
    Yea i’ve been getting paid with *p p a l c a s h . x y z*
    i’m making over $2229 a week with them!

    εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

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